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Office Lamps & Lighting:
The Ultimate Guide

Good lighting is an essential element of any office. Not only does it help to create a more productive workspace, but properly configured lighting can also provide significant health benefits for workers.

Our guide on office lamps and lighting will give you a comprehensive overview of office lighting solutions, from the types of office lamps to the best ways to light your office. We’ll also take a look at some of the health-related benefits associated with office lighting so that you can make an informed decision about how to light your office or home office space effectively.

Let's begin by looking at the common solutions to lighting office space.

Desk Lamp For Your Home

Desk Lamps - How Tall?

A standard desk light is usually between 30cm - 50cm (approx 10-20 inches) tall.

cfl lightbulb

Color Tone

A good color temperature for an office is between 4000k - 5000k. This tone mimics natural daylight and therefore helps office staff stay focused and alert.

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can be a safety hazard in the workplace if not managed properly, as they create a tripping hazard.



Check out our gallery of unique office lamps and get inspired by a fantastic range of lighting solutions.

Office Lighting

Shop for Office Desk Lamps

There are a wide variety of options available for office lamps that can fit virtually any type of home office or commercial setting. We have sourced the best office lamps and lighting options from multiple brands and online retailers.  


You can choose from a wide variety of office lamps, including LED panels, Louvre lighting, and ceiling lights. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each type of lamp & lighting option so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your office.


Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are an office staple, providing direct light to office workers at their workstations. An adjustable desk lamp is a great way to customize your office lighting – while also saving on energy costs by using efficient LED bulbs.

From the design classics like the Bankers Lamp to innovative solutions such as the Anglepoise lamp, there's a desk lamp to suit any office space.

In recent years, multi-functional lamps with Bluetooth speakers, USB points, and wireless charging capability have become popular office lighting solutions. These lamps are particularly useful for home office workers, offering a convenient way to listen to music or charge devices without taking up valuable desk space.

For people who suffer from eye strain or migraines triggered by flickering lights, desk lamps with adjustable tonal light settings are the ideal office lighting solution. The simple one-touch operation allows you to adjust the light intensity quickly and easily, reducing eye strain and headaches throughout the day.


Floor lamps can be a safety hazard in the workplace if not managed properly, as they create a tripping hazard. Additionally, floor lamps tend to provide too much direct light that can cause glare on computer screens and other reflective surfaces.

Furthermore, floor lamps generally don't provide enough illumination for a full office space, requiring additional overhead lighting to ensure adequate coverage.

For these reasons, it is usually better to invest in desk lamps or ceiling fixtures that can provide better coverage and more flexibility when it comes to setting up the ideal office lighting environment.

However, floor lamps can be a great solution in the home office. They will provide enough light to illuminate a small space without investing in additional overhead lighting. Floor lamps can also add a sense of style and elegance to a home office environment.


Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lights provide the best all-around office lighting solution, giving full coverage without taking up any office space. Ceiling lights can be further customized with dimmers or wall switches that allow you to adjust the light intensity according to your needs.

It's worth pointing out that many people hate office ceiling lights, as they often produce too-bright and uncomfortable office lighting conditions. Thankfully, there are solutions available now that reduce the harshness of office ceiling lights – such as LED fittings that use a wide spread of light to create a softer, more natural office lighting environment.


Downlights Office Reception

Downlights are a great office lighting solution for open-plan office settings. They provide even light coverage without taking up any office space, and they can be used with dimmers or wall switches to adjust the intensity of the light in different areas of the office.

A downlight fixes flush to the ceiling, and the light is directed downwards – providing a pleasant office lighting environment.

Downlights are available in various styles and finishes, so you can easily match them to the overall office design. They also use energy-efficient LED bulbs that last longer and require less maintenance than traditional office lighting solutions.


LED panels

LED panel lighting is an increasingly popular option for office lighting, and for good reason. These lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and can provide a bright, comfortable workplace that encourages productivity.

Panel lighting offers numerous advantages over traditional light sources due to its flexibility, low electricity consumption, and wide range of colors. With all these benefits combined, it's a great choice for creating a well-lit office space that enhances productivity and keeps employees contented.


Louvre Lighting

Louvre lighting is one of the most popular lighting solutions for large offices. Louvre lights are usually installed on office ceilings and feature an array of small, reflective boxes within the main frame.

The frame is typically covered by a plastic shield, which softens the light and evenly distributes it across the office space. This type of office lighting solution looks great and provides good ambient office lighting without creating any glare on computer monitors or other office surfaces.

So now you know the basics of office lighting solutions, you should be able to start planning the ideal office lighting environment for your business.

Bankers Lamp
Glass Lamp


The classic design also adds a touch of sophistication to any office space.

Anglepoise Lamp
Desk Lamp For Your Home


This classic design is the perfect choice for the home office.

Smart Lamp
Smart Lamps


Smart lamps have a USB port for charging phones and other devices.


When it comes to creating an office lighting plan, the first distinction to make is between Home Office and Commercial office lighting.

Home office lighting is a unique situation and will allow greater flexibility. This can include desk lamps, floor lamps and wall-mounted lights that create a pleasant atmosphere in the home office environment.

For commercial office settings, you must consider factors such as office size, budget, and legal and regulatory issues when deciding on office lighting solutions. Ceiling lights, downlights, LED panels and louvre lighting are all popular office lighting solutions that can be tailored to your specific office needs.

For mid-to-large size offices, engaging a qualified lighting designer will be the best way to secure the most suitable office illumination. Lighting experts can advise on design, light fixtures, and maximising natural daylight in the workspace.

If you want to play around with lighting designs, many online tools allow you to create office lighting plans in 3D. These are a great way to visualise the office lighting environment before any installation and can also be used to show office staff what their workspace could look like with different fixtures in place.



Floorplanner is a popular design tool used by many professionals. It allows you to create virtual office environments and easily set up office lighting plans.

You can drag and drop different types of office lights onto the canvas and adjust their positions, angles, brightness and color settings.

The 3D office plans created by Floorplanner can also be shared with lighting professionals to give them an accurate view of the office space and the lighting style you aim to achieve.



When it comes to office lighting, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Below we'll show you how to get the best out of your office environment.


If your goal is to stay productive and focused, cooler blue or white hues are recommended.

Color temperature is measured on the Kelvin scale. If a light source is over 5000k on the color scale, it would be considered a "cool color". Between 2000k-3000k are called "warm colors". 

Generally, a good color temperature for an office is between 4000k - 5000k. This tone mimics natural daylight and therefore helps office staff stay focused and alert.

However, a warmer tone may benefit reception areas and meeting rooms (3000k). This tone encourages office employees to relax and creates a more welcoming environment.


Working in an office can be tiring on your eyes, especially if there is too much flicker and glare. You can take a few easy steps to make your workspace more comfortable.

First, consider the type of lighting you use. Old fluorescent strip lighting can cause a nasty flicker. If this is the case, you should consider installing LED panels since these provide better visibility with less glare.

If removing fluorescent tube lighting is not practical, try adding task lighting such as desk lamps. These are a great way to reduce eye strain and improve office productivity.

To reduce sun glare in a workspace, adjust the window blinds as needed to avoid unwanted light from outside.

Finally, use anti-glare screens on any computer monitors or other devices that might produce additional glare. With these simple tips, you'll be sure to have a comfortable and productive work environment.


Picking the right office desk lamp is essential for creating a comfortable and productive work environment. When shopping for a desk lamp, you should consider features such as lighting needs, type of bulb, adjustable settings, energy efficiency and design.

Here are some of the best office desk lamps to buy:

LED Desk Lamp – Many LED desk lamps also have adjustable settings so you can choose the perfect brightness level and lighting tone. If your office lighting is low, a LED desk lamp can boost light without using too much energy or requiring complicated installations.

Bankers Lamps - The classic design also adds a touch of sophistication to any office space. A banker's lamp is a traditional-style desk lamp with a shade that is typically made of green or blue glass. The design was originally created to make it easier for bankers and other office workers to read in dim light. The shade's unique shape helps direct the light downward, allowing the user to see clearly without causing excess glares from nearby surfaces or windows.

Anglepoise lamp - An Anglepoise lamp features an adjustable arm and spring mechanism, allowing it to be positioned at almost any angle.

This makes them highly versatile compared to traditional table lamps. They are also designed to reduce glare and fatigue on the eyes. Modern Anglepoise lamps are often energy-efficient, meaning you can enjoy a well-lit workspace without worrying about high electricity bills.

Smart Lamps - Unlike traditional lamps, smart lamps have a USB port for charging phones and other devices. However, some models have additional features such as wireless charging or phone stands, Bluetooth speakers, and cooling fans. Although these smart lamps can be more expensive, they provide workers with fantastic convenience.


The best office lamp for your eyes is a good quality "daylight" lamp. This type of lamp mimics natural daylight and helps reduce headaches and eyestrain. Natural sunlight has been demonstrated to increase our energy levels, allowing us to work more productively and stay alert for longer periods of time with less fatigue.

You can purchase various office lamps specifically designed to replicate natural daylight. Some of these even come with adjustable light levels and color temperatures, so you can customize them for your desired brightness level.


Indirect lighting is the way to ensure optimal performance from your home office desk or workstation. If light directly strikes your monitor, it can reflect and create an uncomfortable glare that will make it difficult for you to see what's on-screen and put you at risk of eyestrain.

Eye strain can also be caused by the presence of shadows. To reduce risk, ensure that your screen and workspace are illuminated consistently.

It is essential to keep the lightbulb out of your line of sight. Place it above or near your head, and direct its illumination towards your workstation. To avoid shadows while writing, if you are left-handed position the desk lamp in the corner diagonally opposite from where you write; for example, on the right side instead of straight ahead.

To make the most of your desk space, select a lamp that is proportional to the desk size. Don't go for a lamp with an oversized shade or base. If your desk is very small, consider a clamp lamp. This can be easily affixed to the edge of a desk or work table, providing direct light with minimal clutter.


When selecting a lamp for an office desk, the height of the lamp depends on a couple of factors: How tall is your workstation? How tall are you? and where on the desk do you want to place your lamp?

A standard desk light is usually between 30cm - 50cm (approx 10-20 inches) tall. When sitting at your workstation, most people feel more comfortable if the light is slightly below eye level or above head height. Avoid having the light directly at eye level, as this can cause eye strain.

If you're unsure about the correct height, buy an adjustable lamp. This will give you control over the light's height and angle. That way, you can find a comfortable setting for your office desk setup.


Don’t forget that office lighting isn’t only about lamps and light fixtures – natural light is equally important when it comes to creating the optimal working environment.

With careful planning, you can easily transform any space with the perfect combination of desk lamps, ceiling lights and natural light. The right office lighting solution will help create an office atmosphere where your employees can thrive.


Wooden Table Lamp with Black Iron Shade

This lamp will light up any room with its rustic charm and timeless design. The handmade construction of the solid wood base and iron shade gives this desk lamp a unique, vintage style that will last for years to come. The integrated charging port makes it easy to stay powered up while working or studying, while the adjustable shade allows you to find your perfect angle for comfortable lighting. Enjoy a hassle-free setup with this modern tabletop companion! The light base is fit for any E26 bulb. However, we recommend using either a 4W-6W LED lightbulb, 8W-16W energy-saving lamp or 20w - 40w (40w MAX) incandescent lightbulb.

Pen & Phone Holder Desk Lamp

This pen and phone holder small desk lamp not only brings illumination to your space but also serves as a dependable emergency light with its built-in 1250mAh rechargeable battery. It smartly combines pencil and phone holders, helping you organize an otherwise cluttered desktop while conserving precious room on the tabletop. This LED desk lamp is perfect for college students in dorms or office workers who desire convenience without sacrificing style!

Eye Caring Study Lamp

The office desk lamp features a surface-led light source design to reduce glare and visual fatigue. Perfect for college students studying in their dorm rooms or as an office, study, reading or bedside table lamp.

Choice Between Three Colors

With a range of three base colors (Pink, Green, White) to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect color for your room.

Superwide Desk Lamp with Clamp

Are you looking to upgrade your lighting situation in your home office or craft room? Look no further than this superwide desk lamp with a convenient clamp feature. This lamp is sure to provide ample lighting with its superwide design that casts light over a wide area, making it an ideal choice for any workspace. The clamp feature allows you to easily attach the lamp to any desk surface, keeping it securely in place while providing a streamlined look. Whether you're writing emails or creating arts and crafts projects, this superwide desk lamp with its clamp feature has got you covered - literally!

Super Wide and Bright 1511 Lumen

Illuminate your entire working surface with an 18.2-inch, high-output LED light bar and a 25.2-inch flexible gooseneck! Perfect for multi-monitor workstations or large tables in the home or office, this lamp can reach up to 28.5 inches of maximum working height so that you never miss a beat when it comes to productivity. LED lamp has 3 color modes for warm light(3000K), warm white light(4000K), white light(6000K). This architect desk lamp is optimized for maximum flexibility and convenience, with 18 distinct lighting modes featuring 6 dimmable brightness levels each. Whether you toggle the touch-sensitive switch on the lamp bar or utilize a remote controller!

Dimmable Desk Lamp with Linen Fabric Shade

Add warmth and sophistication to your work-from-home space with this stunning dimmable desk lamp. Featuring a sleek minimalist design, it boasts a linen fabric shade and metal base, creating an unparalleled modern aesthetic. Transform any home office into one of tasteful luxury!

Three-Way Touch Control

This easy-to-use dimmable touch control desk lamp gives you three different levels of brightness tailored to suit your mood. With its convenient touch control feature, you can easily turn your light on and off with just one tap of any metal part of the sturdy base. No more fumbling around in the darkness for a switch!

Quality Construction

Constructed with anti-rust and corrosion-resistant metal, the desk lamp's sturdy base ensures you don't need to worry when placing it around children or pets. Its weighted base makes it an ideal addition to any office, there's no fear of toppling over!

Easy On The Eye

This lamp's warm light illuminates any room, the linen shade creates a comfortable atmosphere while protecting your eyes from harsh glares. Its white fabric shade promotes relaxation without being too dazzling for those late nights.
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