Funko Pop Night Light for a Child’s Room

Custom Funko Night Light

Looking for a creative way to light your child's bedroom? We'll show you a cost-effective way to do that using a Funko Pop Vinyl figure and a couple of LED puck lights.

In this blog post, we'll show you how to make the ultimate custom night light with Funko Pop figures. By following our step-by-step guide, you should be able to create your own fun nightlight in no time!

Whether you are a fan of superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, or Star Wars, Funko Pop produces figures for just about any Disney, Marvel or cartoon character you can think of. They are highly collectable and make great gifts for kids.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use a Funko Pop Vinyl figure to create an inexpensive lighting solution for your child's bedroom - no glueing or special tools required!



Funko Pop figures are vinyl collectables that have been popular for decades. They typically feature characters from movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more.

Each figure is designed with a unique aesthetic, usually featuring large eyes, stubby arms and legs, and often exaggerated features. Funko Pops can be purchased at stores like Hot Topic, Target, and Walmart.

You might already own a couple of Funko Pops, or maybe you'd like to buy a new one for this project. The price of figures varies from $5 - $20.



LED puck lights are small, battery-powered lights that are typically used for places where regular lighting isn't an option. Often you'll find them used as under counter lights or in closets and pantries.

I found a pack of six puck lights on sale at Amazon for $30, so that's $5 per light. You'll only need one light for this project.

What makes these specific lights unique is the multi-colored function, timer and remote control. However, you can use virtually any type of LED puck light. Remember the light MUST be the LED type, as these do not create any heat.



Step 1: Once you've got the puck light and chosen the Funko figure, the next step is to open the top of the Funko box gently.

Step 2: Position the puck light, with the light facing downwards on the top of the clear plaster packaging that is inside the Pops box. Most figures can easily accommodate the light. However, I had a couple of Pops where the light didn't quite fit. For a more dramatic effect, you can also place another puck light on the bottom of the box. This gives a duotone effect, as seen in the Harry Potter pop above.

Step 3: Close the top of the Pop box and pick the desired light level using the remote control. The Amazon puck lights mentioned earlier have many color features and settings.

Once you've installed the light in the box, you can use it as a nightlight in your kids' bedroom. Remember to follow safety tips for lights in a child's bedroom.


You might be wondering how long the light lasts. Typically it will last for around 10 hours. However, it's worth pointing out that the LEDs mentioned earlier are rechargeable and can be set on a timer. So you should get a week out of each charge if you set the night light to turn off after one hour.

The coolest part about this project is that it's completely reversible - If your child gets bored with the light, switch the puck with a new character. The nightlight can change with them!

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and that your kids love their new lighting addition. Happy crafting!

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