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15% Off Avenue Lighting With Lumens Promo Code

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Lumens Light + Living is dedicated to offering the very best of designer lighting. The online store is offering 15% off on ‘Avenue’ products through their online store with the promo code: PRIVATE.

So if you’re looking to update your home, office, or other living space with beautiful lighting, now is the time! Get designer-quality lighting for a fraction of the normal price and make your interior spaces look great. Shop Lighting Now at Lumens.


For the past three decades, Avenue Lighting has been a family-run design company based in Los Angeles. They have taken a distinctively creative approach to their designs, drawing inspiration from local streets and areas of significance within the metropolis of LA. With this dedication to craftsmanship, they are now iconic for their sophisticated lighting solutions that capture the beauty and culture of Southern California.

Avenue Lighting has earned a stellar reputation in the Los Angeles area, thanks to its catchy slogan, “making jewelry for your home” and meticulous attention to detail.

But don’t take my word for it—see the products for yourself! From chandeliers to wall sconces, Avenue Lighting has something unique and stylish for every space. Use promo code PRIVATE when shopping on and get 15% off your Avenue Lighting order today. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal! Here’s a selection of the lights; you can use the promo code to obtain a discount.


Embodying the epitome of sophistication, the Palisades Ave. Wall Sconce by Avenue Lighting radiates elegance with a magnificent hemispherical core that bursts outward in brilliant light.

Utilizing the Sputnik satellite as its muse, this starburst design radiates a vivid and chic aesthetic that is sure to leave an impression.

For a refined and durable construction, this sophisticated multi-light sconce is crafted from iron and crystal. You can simply change the style of the lamp by swapping out any standard candelabra bulbs to personalize its aesthetic according to your preferences.


The striking Circa LED Pendant by Avenue Lighting will be sure to captivate and stand out in any setting.

This exquisite fixture is designed with a series of interlinking metal rings, resulting in an eye-catching structure that emits a comforting glow.

Each ring’s exterior contains integrated LED paneling which radiates softly diffused light outward and wraps the environment in warmth.


Set above a lengthy table, this sensational light fixture is sure to leave an impression! The Delilah Linear Suspension Light from Avenue Lighting radiates with vivacity and cheer.

Illuminating every corner of the room, its lamp holders radiate in all directions. Embellished by glass globes along linear segments for maximum brightness and beauty, each glowing orb shines together to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


From modern to traditional designs, you’re sure to find something that fits your space and taste with Avenue Lighting from Lumens. With the promo code PRIVATE, take 15% off your order! Shop Lighting Now at Lumens Light + Living.

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal.